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Brief Introduction about the WorkingPrinciple for the Ricoh Copier

       According to the latest copier market sharedatabase, Ricoh is ranked the the top manufacturer in the world copier marketand it has kept enjoying strong customer satisfaction. Owning the functional,affordable, and efficient features, copiers for Ricoh can offer output withhigh speed, image with excellent quality and exceptional ease-of-use.Therefore, without doubt copier for Ricoh will become more and more popular inthe market.

       A Ricoh copier works quite simply for thevast majority of persons. It only need you to approach the machine, lift up thelid, place the document to be copied face down on the glass and then close thelid. And then you select what kind of copy (i.e. smaller, larger, lighter,darker, etc.), press start and during the working process of the copier you candoing other matter like answering a phone call. However, exactly what does goon inside the machine? Below is the guide from Hotsun Imaging Products Co.,Ltd. to the working principle of the Ricoh copier. 

In fact, a Ricoh copier is based on one ofthe most fundamental laws of physics: Opposite charges attract. Staticelectricity is at the heart of a copier’s functionality. 

Charging: The cylindrical drum surroundedby a high voltage wire is called a corona wire or a charge roller. The cylindricaldrum has been coated by a photoconductivematerial. Though a photoconductor is a semiconductor but it will becomeconductive when exposed to light.

Exposure: The original document isilluminated by a bright lamp. The light in the white areas of the originaldocument is reflected onto the surface of the photoconductive drum. The whiteareas exposed to light become conductive and then discharge to the ground whilethe area of the drum not exposed to light remain negatively charged. As aresult there will be a latent electrical image on the surface of the photoconductivedrum. 

Developing: When the toner powder withpositive charge is applied to the cylindrical drum to develop the image, itwill be attracted and sticks to the areas with negatively charges which is notexposed to light. 

Transfer: A higher negative chargestransfer the toner image on the surface of the photoconductive drum onto apiece of paper. 

Fusing: The rollers with high heat andpressure melt and bond the toner powder. 

       Therefore, in conclusion, Ricoh copiers utilizesa negatively charged drum and paper and positively charged toner to reflect thedark areas to develop the image, which is the major principle of copier imagedeveloping. As we know that the components for copiers, such as OPC drum( drumunit), toner powder, developer unit, lamp and the corona wire etc. belong tothe  consumable easy to be destroyed.Replacing the destroyed components in time can ensure the printing quality ofcopiers.


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