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Steps to Clean a Copier Drum Unit from Hotsun Imaging Products Co.,Ltd.

      The drum unit in copier, as a part that works closely with the toner cartridge, is easy   to be covered with dust and dirt. A dirty drum unit is easy to transfer debris onto paper, causing dirty copies and documents with missing words and graphics. Meanwhile, the imprint streaks of toner may also remained around the edges of copies. In a word, it is important that a copier drum unit stays clean, as this ensures clean printing. 
      Most copiers has automatic cleaning mode, which can be wiped out automatically. Take Canon Imagerunner ADVANCE C2020 as an example, clicking the keys in the copier according to the following steps, the drum unit in the copier can be removed automatically. First, choose the Settings/Registration key to enter the setting mode. Second, click the key of Adjustment/Maintenance. Third, click the key of Maintenance. At last, click the key of Clean Inside Main Unit. Then the drum unit in the copier can be cleaned automatically.

      However, drum unit in some copier machines have to be cleaned artificially, instead of being cleaned automatically. Hotsun Imaging Products Co.,Ltd. would like to talk about the steps to clean the drum unit in a copier. 
When cleaning your copier’s drum unit, avoid using a liquid cleaning solution, water or an abrasive towel to remove the debris, which will not only damage the drum but also your copier. Please operate as the following steps:
First: Turn off and unplug the copier. Wear a pair of latex or work gloves to keep toner and debris off of your hands. Cover a table, desk or other surface with three to four sheets of newspaper to protect the surface from spilled toner.
Second: Open the hatch door to access the interior of the copier. Push down on the toner cartridge latch and remove the toner cartridge.
Third: If possible, remove all toner dust from the area by using a Vacuum cleaner. Pay attention that the vacuum cleaner can’t touch the drum unit directly to avoid damaging the drum unit. 
Fourth: Wipe down the toner in the drum unit with a soft, lint-free or micro-fiber cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol or a wet tissue.
At last, close the drum’s shutter door and reinstall the toner cartridge back in the Canon copier. Turn on and plug the Canon copier.
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