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How to Test theQuality of Drum Unit

       HotsunImaging Products Co.,Ltd is an professional manufacturer of compatible drumunit for Copier and Printer.In order to supplyclients with high quality products, Hotsun Imaging Products Co.,Ltd. have strict quality control system andprofessional R&D department.

     Every drum unit is100% pre-tested before leaving the factory. Generally we test our products withdifferent printout version of test page, such as Whiteboard test page,Blackboard test page, Grayscale page, Image test page. 

    As we all knowthat the effect of the test page for the printout can show the quality of thedrum unit. How to judge the effect of the test page? Hotsun Imaging ProductsCo., Ltd. would like to talk about the judgment criteria of the effect of thetest pages with you. 

First, Whiteboardtest page: Mainly testing the quality of toner powder and OPC Drum. 

Second, Blackboard(Color-board) test page: Testing the quality of MR, Developer and OPC Drum bymeasuring the glossiness of the printout. Generally speaking, the white pointin the blackboard test page is about 1.4 times of the criteria of the copierfield while in the color-board test page is about 1.2 times of it. 

Third, Grayscalepage: The effect of this page version plays a decisive role on the quality ofthe drum unit. The blackness of this page covers 35% of the Blackboard. Thispage version in mainly used to test the compatibility of several maincomponents. The feature of high quality of grayscale page is overall uniformitywithout streaks and points. Please check the below grayscale page.

Forth, Image testpage: Testing the clarity of image, color etc. It also tests the compatibilityof toner powder in different color, and their differences in color. 

With more than 9year experience in the printer and copier field,  Hotsun Imaging Products Co., Ltd. is able tooffer you products with high quality. If you need our printout version testpage, please feel free to let us know. 

Hotsun ImagingProducts Co., Ltd.

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